May 8, 2013

Im probably gunna become unpopular for this however I do this in the hope someone agrees with me. 
Both the Silurians and the Sontarans are completely ruined because of Strax & the lizard woman.

Yes I admit to some extent they are ok, I enjoyed them in the crimson horror. However I feel that turning 2 of the doctors classic who/ modern who enemies into kinder,funnier characters has really messed up everything I used to love about the sontarans & silurians. 
Sontarans to me were always a race that dedicated themselves to war & dying was a great honour & the whole “we must defeat the rutans” thing, I loved that.
Likewise with silurians, I preferred their old ways, didnt pop up frequently, yet still they were a fairly evil race who had ambitions to retake the earth.

I loved Sontaran stratagem, poison sky, Hungry Earth & Cold Blood because they were classic who villains who still had evil causes. Now it just feels like their species have been made incredibly less threatening and exciting.

Anyone agree? or disagree really I dont mind. I like hearing opinions

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    I like the moral of Strax—that even the child of such a homogeneous and thoroughly indoctrinated group can learn to...
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    I like Vastra and Strax, and I love Jenny. While I have seen some Classic Who, I don’t think I have come across the...
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    I can see what you are saying about Strax, and I think it is a valid concern: Sontarans are a homogenous, warrior...
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    They’ve been turned into a joke basically.
  9. lauren-clara said: I agree with you, they’ve made everything seem a lot more friendlier and ‘nice’. Just look at the new costume design for the new Cybermen, they don’t look threatening anymore! It’s becoming more and more children friendly than family. It’s crap.
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